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13 of the most stylish weekend bags for post-lockdown travels

Where is the first place you’ll travel as soon as lockdown lifts? While somewhere exotic like the Maldives or Bali may be high up on your list, realistically, weekend breaks in the UK will likely be the holiday that breaks most of our travel droughts. Luckily, they can be just as fabulous.

In fact, sometimes a weekend away in a unique Airbnb, a chic holiday cottage escape or a retreat to the New Forest is *all* the break you need – and after the monotony of lockdown, it’ll feel like a world tour. But that doesn’t mean you should pack for one – for a little weekend jaunt to the country or one of your favourite city breaks, all you really need is a stylish weekend bag.

The perfect bag for a few days worth of clothing and beauty products, a weekend bag bridges the divide between desperately stuffing three days’ worth of outfits in a designer handbag/rucksack/tote bag and lugging an entire suitcase with you. Thus, a good weekend bag is an invaluable possession – this year and every one that follows.

Choosing the best weekend bag for you really depends on how you like to pack. And how much. There are lots of options from both designers and high street stores, including ASOS, Nike, and Lululemon – all in a range of sizes, shapes and fabrics. But the best are the designs are those which will last a lifetime. Spend a little more and you won’t need to replace your companion once every few years – saving precious pennies for (yep, you guessed it) more short breaks and spa trips. Just how we like it.

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